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Pre-Engineered Buildings

ValueB Infraa offers Turnkey Solution for Pre-Engineered Buildings for Factories, Warehouses, Community Centers including Civil works, VDF Flooring, Wall, Rain water Harvesting System etc., Construction is done as per IS & Building Codes. ValueB Infraa offers optimized and economical design and construction with unmatched speed and Quality. We provide Test Certificates / Third party certifications based on customers requirement.

  • Live Load (kN/m2) on roof
  • Live Load (kN/m2) on frame
  • Wind Speed (kph)
  • Collateral Load (kN/m2) – False Ceiling, Crane, Mezzanine etc.,
  • Snow Load ( if applicable )
  • Earthquake Zone
  • Structural Steel: IS: 800
  • Fabrication: IS: 7215
  • Welding: IS: 816
  • Welding Test: IS: 817
  • Painting: IS: 1477
  • Columns and rafters of rigid frames are tapered built-up “I” sections. Interior columns of multi-span frames may be square tube sections
  • All rigid frame connections are bolted. Columns and rafters are provided with welded end plates for anchoring to foundations and for member-to member attachment. Pre-punched holes or welded clips are provided for attachment of purlins and girters, bracing, and other components
  • Load bearing “post-and-beam” (P&B) end frames may be constructed from cold-formed channels, hot rolled sections or built-up welded plate sections, as required
  • Purlins and girts are pre-punched cold-formed “Z” shaped sections,150mm -280 mm in depth (based on span) with stiffened flanges
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